City of Hillsboro & Hillsboro Museums Auction


Saturday May 14, 2022

9:00 AM

LOCATION: Marion County Fairgrounds (Commercial building) on west D. Street, Hillsboro, KS.

Note: This auction contains many items from the Adobe House Museum as they need to make space and sell items from storage.  Much is still museum worthy, in good condition, and is from the local area as well as the surrounding communities. Come and enjoy a sale featuring items of history!!

Horse drawn & old Implements etc.

Horse drawn:  2) 1 row plows on steelwheels —  various walking plows, wooden beam and steel beam, left and right hand   — 12” wooden sod plow  —   1 furrow opener plow  —  3) cultivators  —  2) 1 row listers/planters  —  “stand on” corn cutter on steel  —  horse driven geared rotary mill  —  5’ 8 row wood box grain drill (Farmers Friend, Dayton Ohio)  —  wooden beam 1 row plow w/ cast iron seat  —  2 row wooden check planter  —  hand crank seed cleaner/fanning mill

Old & Collectible items

Several large wood pulpits, 1 from French Creek community, 1 ornate  —  numerous wooden immigrant trunks, some large  —  large wicker immigrant trunk  —  misc. wooden tables  —  corner cabinet from Suderman family  —  large glass front wall cabinet from Bruderthal community  — pie cabinet  —  large wooden mangels  —  large window  —   Pedal grind stone wheel  —  belt driven hand crank grain grinder  —  steam engine hand water pump  —  2 cistern pumps and well cups  —  wooden hand crank corn sheller  — Globe Oaklet No. 11 wood stove  —  Elegant 217 wood stove  —  Home Comfort kitchen range —   post drill  — pedal powered jig saw  —   several sausage stuffers  —  wooden harness vise  —  various granite/porcelain pans, buckets  — misc. old cans  —   various crocks and crock jugs  —  Disston model 00-101 large chain saw  —  forge base & blower  —  wooden harness parts, single and double trees  —  #7 cast iron implement seat —  metal seat  — wood sythe  —  wood wagon axle and hubs  —  hay grapple  —  canvas  —  wooden resting couch  —  cradles  —  high chairs  —  pedal organ  —  piano  —  well pump  —  A frame grass house model  —  wheel chair  —  loom  —  bearskin blankets  —  washboards  —  lots of misc. old hand tools and wrenches  — anvil  —   kneelers  —  scales  —  cash register  —  ammo box  —  wash machines  —  taxidermy animals and birds  —   foot stools  —  mantle clocks & other clocks  —  butter churns  —  cream separators  —  display cabinets  —  sew machines  —  cast iron cookware  —  lanterns & lamps   —  print set  —  tea kettles  and much more!!

*Allis Chalmers Model D road grader, SN: D6668, with cab, gas      engine, running condition

*1939 Ford truck, no bed 

* New Bell City International Harvester, wooden Threshing Machine on steel (1909 – 1925) stored inside

Misc. items and Household/glassware

Misc. office equipt:  office and lounge chairs, desks, printers, monitors, scanner, etc.  —  lots of old glassware (maybe a full wagon load)   —  misc. city signs and traffic signs  —  Chevy 8 bolt wheels  —  12-16.5 used skid steer tires  —  heavy steel flatbed (off the 39 Ford truck)  —  retired fire hydrants  —  misc. wheels and tires  —  overhead lights  —  and other surplus and retired items   

Much is not listed as it has been stored and packed away.   Watch for updated listings and pictures on our website

Seller:  City of Hillsboro and Hillsboro Museums